Celebrity Reviews

“I was blown away by the detail, effort and incredible design by AMAL. Her work is comparable to that of any couture runway designer.”

Rita, Vice President, 20TH CENTURY FOX

“I met Amal in Los Angeles at her fabulous fashion show. Her designs are absolutely exquisite and pure genius. The gowns are an inspiration in how to use color in a very sophisticated and flirty way. Amal is as amazing in person as her designs are.”

Preston, World Famous Planner

“Amal has brought back bridal couture to women in love across the globe. Her eye for detail and hand-made fabrication using the most luxurious fabrics topped with a custom fit is a talent the wedding industry rarely sees.”

Dianne, Wedding Producer and Designer

“Dear Amal, On behalf of the Magic Johnson Team we would like to thank you for your wonderful artwork of clothing designs. With your contribution of stunning evening attire, sharply tailored suits, and all manner of cutting edge contemporary customs, you helped us present a high quality and standard of dress for both men and women. The success of our event was truly impacted by your business and we were very impressed”

Magic Johnson

“My Amal, you keep me looking beautiful! Keep laughing.”

Mo’Nique Queen of Comedy

“Amal was chosen to feature a fashion show high tea in Los Angeles. I liked her couture gowns and chose to order a custom made two-piece chocolate brown French embroidery lace jacket and charmeuse silk long skirt with petticoat tule under. I loved it. I looked stunning and confident in my nomination for a Golden Globe. Thank you, Amal for your beautiful design and your attention to detail.”

Telma, Actress

“The bridal collection by Amal is elegant and sophisticated. Beautiful details with a fashion forward style make this designer an excellent choice for the bride with style.”

Mike, Photographer

“After being an 8-year custom clothing client, I have worked with many clothing designers, period. These designers have been as professional or treated me as well as AMAL when it comes to fashion. It has been a pleasure working with Amal. She is a consummate professional. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Quintin Ex-Pro-baller, Owner of Controversy Magazine

“Dear Amal, It has been a pleasure working with you over the years on the various projects I have been involved in. Your patience and understanding in dealing with the unpredictable last minute deadlines of my projects have been essential to the success of the productions. Whether you are the stylist or working along with another stylist, your professionalism always comes through. Peace”

Tracy, Director/Producer

“On behalf of Opportunity 2 Network Productions and the entire Patricia He’bert Show team, I say “thank you” for allowing me the advantageous occasion to wear such fine garments. Oh yes! The jewelry was a wonderful added touch. Your valuable time and knowledge assisted me in bringing elegance and high fashion to the stage. Amal you offer such excellent service and you are greatly appreciated. Love Always”

Patricia, Executive Producer and Host

“Dear Amal, In my journey as an artist it has been wonderful to work with a designer that listens and understands. Some people want to push their ideas on you, where you allow me to speak and combine my ideas with yours. I appreciate your creativity, style and knowledge of fantastic materials.You take nothing and make it into something. While wearing your designs I feel proud. ”


“I think Amal is one of the most talented, and hardest working women in Hollywood. With my work as a Writer/Director/Producer I’ve watched Amal grow over the years as a Designer and accomplish so much while working to achieve her American Dream. She has done work for me and I would hire her again and again. If ever in need of a hard worker and a true friend get to know Amal. ”

W. A. Baker

I LOOOOVE Fashion, so when I was asked to shoot a bridal fashion show at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, I was so excited!  A white & silver affair that exuded the elegance and class that is sterotypical of a hollywood event.
Amal of Beverly Hills was the featured couture gown designer that I had the pleasure of shooting for. Amal, with a thick moroccan accent and heart of gold, makes you feel like family and lacks the aire of hauter that one may expect from a well loved designer.

I felt so honored to be apart of such a wonderful event…. Thanks Amal!

Shayla, Photographer

“In an evening recently, over a wonderful meal prepared by Amal, she shared the most amazing journey of her life as a designer but more importantly her heart as a women. Her passion for her nation Morocco and her desire to see others empowered was enlightening. Amal is a dreamer, a visionary and her desire for restoring hope, building relationships and love across the lines is contagious.

She hopes to influence and set a new standard for an emerging generation. When I was first introduce to Amal by our mutual colleague, Franchie LeChat, I was immediately impressed by her warmth, humility and beauty which is clearly reflected in her exquisite designs. Later as I was fitted for one of stunning caftans, I experienced a personal transformation of beauty and empowerment. This is not only what Amal does, but who she is. Her craft is a reflection of her excellence, attention to detail with the potential to transform women.

I affectionately call her Queen Amal because she knows how to make a women discover her dignity and worth. Amal of Beverly Hills was an honored participant at an event hosted by a Company of Women, a non-profit organization serving the needs of women. An “Evening with Sophia Nelson”, author of the Women Code– 20 keys to Unlocking Your Life was hosted by actress, Angie Harmon and attended by Notable celebrities and several hundred women.”

Linda Wallace, A Company of Women