Dianne Valentine

Below are her comments on what it was like working with Amal to achieve her custom designed look

Here is what Diann Valentine had to say about Amal:

“One of the biggest learning curves for me while reveling in the taping of Wedding Day was the sudden appearance of lots of opinions and an approval process regarding my wardrobe. I had never looked at my style as ‘TV friendly’ or ‘non TV friendly’ – only Diann Valentine but I quickly learned that some things just did not work for the eye of the camera. Our Executive Producer Janelle Fiorito showed enormous patience with me as she taught me the do’s and dont’s of a TV wardrobe. However, for every dream wedding night, I knew I wanted a glamorous, couture look that matched the scope of the dreams we were giving. My body type makes it difficult for me to buy off the rack so my dear friend and respected colleague, Amal of Beverly Hills stepped in and saved the day.

Amal is a true couture designer that offers brides a custom designed wedding gown that is second to none. In addition, she has a fun and flirty bridesmaids collection that features beautiful silks, taffetas and jersey silks in vibrant colors to complement any skin tone. In addition, Amal extends her talents to mothers of the bride by offering them the selection of their own couture masterpiece for their daughter’s dream day. Amal’s use of the finest European fabrics and detailed fabrication gives women a sophisticated choice for all special occasions from their ‘I Do’ day and every day in between until the day their baby girl walks that same aisle in wedded bliss!

Week after week, Amal and I collaborated on fabulous wedding night looks that accentuated my figure and disregarded the notion that the wedding designer and host’s look must be predictable, conservative and lifeless. Together, we created a first season wardrobe that received rave reviews from everyone from our brides and their families to the camera and lighting crews. Please enjoy a few of the looks that Amal blessed me with while I experienced one of my life long dreams: hosting a wedding show that is positive, uplifting and inspirational!”