The Story of the Designer

Amal is a talented self -taught designer who is originally from Morocco, she was born and raised in Casablanca city. She became interested in dressmaking and started designing at the tender age of 13. Through the loving guidance and mentorship of her mother, she began creating her own clothes to wear gaining much admiration from her peers requesting clothing for themselves thus starting her own retail business.At the age of 20, she began a full time position at an international firm but decided to create a home based startup design business to unleash her creativity. From her home showroom, she was able to create her first collection which was received with lots of praise and transcended her environment leading to her designing uniforms for the Duty Free Shop staff shops in, including the Casablanca airport.After studying under many couture houses in Europe, Amal decided to pursue the dream of Wardrobe design due to her love of the film “Evita” and moved to Los Angeles to further her career. In Los Angeles, she received an AA degree in Art and studied more classes at University of Southern California while taking jobs styling and designing for many Gospel Artists. Since became a Union Guild member, Amal has worked with many top studios and productions dressing some of the most talented celebrities.

In 2011, Amal collaborated with Gordon Ramsey’s Upscale Restaurant to custom design sophisticated & elegant uniforms for their staff at the London Hotel in West Hollywood. Gordon Ramsey best known for Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef is one of the most distinguished award winning international chefs of our decade. He is known for his exquisite tasty dishes and cohesive designs of affluent restaurants. To keep up with that trend and image, Gordon Ramsey’s team strategically and thoroughly researched worthy designers to maintain their devotion to sleek elegance that personified their distinct style extending into their uniform category. After many wonderful recommendations and praises including (i.e., private palaces in Bel air) they were introduced to Amal of Beverly Hills.

This unexpected collaboration lead to this talented Moroccan designer to go back to her first lucrative corporate collection of designing uniforms based on the theme of architecture and interior design for each unique Hospitality client.

Today, Amal continues to work with leading Hospitality clients and has plan to expand in the MENA Region.